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now. author edward klein joined book tv at freedom fest in las vegas to talk about his new york times best selling book, the amateur. helix critically at president obama before and after he reached the white house. here is what he had to say. >> well, the book currently on your screen is -- has been several weeks on the new york times best several with list. many weeks as number one. written by anne klein, who is our guest on book tv on c-span2. we do get the title for this book? >> it came from a meeting that bill clinton had in jeff pacoima, new york, north of new york city where he has a home. he invited, this was back in august 2011. he invited his wife, his daughter, and a bunch of friends to meet with him because he had some news. .. the people around obama: did not understand how the real world works. that they had been responsible for losing america, its triple-a credit rating for the first time in its history and that barack obama was, in his words, an amateur. i spoke to two people at the meeting, and i heard that, i said, amateur, the perfect titlele for the book. >> presi
. atop of that heisman watch and klein and k-state being tested tonight. >> joel: they'll have to come back on the baylor bears. kenyon barner is certainly in that race and johnny manziel, this guy, what they did last week in tuscaloosa, putting himself in that race. marquis lee, wouldn't be surprised to see him in new york. >> craig: austin makes the cut at midfield, makes another at the 40, cuts it back. a flag. they will bring this one back. there's a flag back at the 22. >> joel: the only thing that's going to stop tavon austin tonight. long conference for just a flag that you would assume is in the area of a holding call. >> craig: i think there's actually -- there were two flags down. there's one up by where he went out of bounds asell. one back at the line of scrimmage. >> referee: personal foul, hands to the face, number 2, defense. that penalty will be 15 yards from the end of the run. sideline interference, unsportsmanlike conduct on the oklahoma bench. penalty will be enforced half the distance to the goal, first down. >> joel: number 2 called for hands to the face. >> craig
diferencias publicas pidio a klein que complete sus dencuncias >> no merecen importancia, si se hace una declaracion que se haga por completo >> klein estuvo en africa entrenando gente y traficando diamantes y gente >> aunque estuvo detenido en rusia y se pidió en colombia para extraditarlo, los crimenes que fue juzgado ausente ya prescribieron >> enrique peña nieto propuso un cambio radical, se >> policías de sinaloa fueron atacados, dejando 2 uniformados muertos, fueron disparados por 2 ak47, y esa carretera había sido inagurada hace 2 horas por felipe calderón >> las policías municipales están totalmente olvidada, norte eciben el equipamiento adecuado, ellos están cara a cara con los delincuentes >> el legado que dejó calderón va a desaparecer, así lo anunció el próximo presidente de méxico enrique peña nieto que avisó que la policía federal dependa del brazo politico del gobierno. >> se supone que la secretaria de gobernación siga con la secretaria de seguridad publica, y las materias de seguridad interior >> la policía publica deja una pésima imagen, también en
better today. >> heather: what can you tell us about collin klein and why he didn't return to the game? >> obviously, there is an injury and have to see how that goes. >> heather: can you tell us more about the extent of the injury? >> no. i don't speak about injuries. >> heather: you stay undefeated. with you undefeated and alabama tested right now where does that put you in the picture tonight? >> i have no idea. i don't know any scores. i don't know where we are. other than that we won a ball game and we have got to go in and try to get ready for the next one. >> heather: we will let you do that. >> sorry. >> heather: that's okay, coach. thank you. >> brent: there goes the old ball coach! >> kirk: sergeant schultz! i know nothing! >> brent: let's take a look at collin klein on this touchdown. we want to see. he goes in and his head slams down into the turf. and -- >> kirk: there was that hit and then there was another piece of video that we had where it looked like a player got a hold of his right wrist and he came up kind of holding his wrist as well. >> brent: so we wonder now whe
author ed klein. and hank shine coff on politics of it all, it will hold? will it result in real change? will it last? jennifer griffin is with us now, lived and worked in the region, and joining us now live from the pentagon, thank you, let me begin with a straight forward question, would this deal have happened with or without secretary of state clinton. >> this is a good question lou, answer is yes, and no. remember that 24 hours ago, hamas had agreed to this ceasefire. the egyptians convinced them on agree, and many of us were expecting ceasefire at 9:00 p.m. local time, 24 hours ago. it happened 24 hours later, remember, secretary of state clinton was landing at about that time in jerusalem. and israelis wanted to see if perhaps she could, come up with a few more perhaps agreements from the palestinians, she went to ramallah and i am told she appealed to the president, mahmoud abbas. the palestinian president, who has no real bearing on the situation in gaza. but she appealed to him not to about on november 29 to the u.n., and seek observer states for you palestinians that would be
effort on staten island. climate change and hurricane sandy brought naomi klein to town, too. you may know her as the author of "the shock doctrine: the rise of disaster capitalism." readers of two influential magazines to put naomi klein high on the list of the 100 leading public thinkers in the world. she is now reporting for a new book and documentary on how climate change can spur political and economic transformation. she also has joined with the environmental writer and activist bill mckibben in a campaign launched this week called "do the math." more on that shortly. naomi klein, welcome. >> thank you so much. >> first, congratulations on the baby. >> thank you so much. >> how old now? >> he is five months today. >> first child? >> my first child, yeah. >> how does a child change the way you see the world? >> well it lengthens your timeline definitely. i'm really immersed in climate science right now because of the project i'm working on is related to that. so you know there are always these projections into the future, you know, what's going to happen in 2050? what's going to
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back. i would agree on a lot with alyson klein and kristen soltis, much of the reform will be at the state and local level, grass roots, implementation of waivers and raced to the topic and patients here in washington. >> so, i think you will hear a fair amount of consensus. i would agree on the national surprise in the demographics of the elector it. you could see that in forecasting monished digit models, -- models, but there was a debate about changing demographics, and one part of the debate was that you still had to compete, and there was the assumption the republicans would, and that has not happened. that will have profound implications and consequences for politics. in education, the biggest surprise was tony bennett it is -- tony bennett. it is ironic that the defeat of a republican is the most ominous sign for president obama. in terms of winners, nobody said the big winner was barack obama karen unemployment is high. the economy is sluggish. -- obama. unemployment is high. the economy is sluggish, but he won a relatively convincing election. if you go back a
with collin klein, everything going for them and number two and no longer flying under the radar. do you feel an upset there? >> sean: i do. >> chris: that is the one you feel the upset? i kind of feel it too. time of the year nobody is talking about whether lsu can knock off alabama down there. i'll go with that one too! i got to get one of them right! >> sean: bid on one, everyone says, that spielman said that. second and seven. bell. nebraska will use their last time-out, you would think. for the moment, they are not. they will after this play, almost certainly. rather than punt them down and try to stop them and make them punt deep in their own territory by going for it, they have made the field position really tough for yourself. if you get it back if you're nebraska because they will have no time-outs left and much of the field to cover but they only need a field goal to tie it but they need the ball back first. huge play. third and six. blitz. bell. trying to break tackles! powering but he didn't get there! now mark dantonio with a decision to make on fourth down and two. dameyune staf
leads to feelings of isolation and hopelessness. >> laura klein had been living with pain since a knee injury in 2008 and joins me this evening to speak about her experiences and incredible group of scientists are also here to discuss how we perceive and process pain, david bar stiewk of children's hospital and david julius of the university of california, san francisco, allan basbaum, also of the university of california san francisco, robert dworkin of the university of rochester and once again my cohost dr. eric kandel a nobel laureate, and a howard hughes medical investigator. >> our subject is pain. hrchl is really one of the great unmet medical needs and enormous problem in society. and the most, in the most general terms, bain is a unpleasant sensation in response to a real or potential threat of body injury, and it has an extremely important defensive damnive role, it is designed to remove the injured part of the body from the source of damage. and usually this is transient in nature, but with some diseases, such as cancer or arthritis, it becomes persistent and becomes not an
in their heels than to reach a compromise? tom coburn is the republican senator from oklahoma, and joe klein is a columnist for "time." senator, i don't want to abuse your presence. my children think you're the greatest. i have a couple kids, one who worked on the debt commission and another one who just loves you for some reason. let's find out why. it seems to me if you look at the numbers, just arithmetic here, right now the government is taking in 15.7% of the gdp in the current fiscal year and spending 22.9% of the gdp. common sense tells us if we're going to get to 20, it seems like getting maybe to 20, maybe some liberals want to bid more, conservatives want to bid less. you have to come in both directions. your thoughts? >> i agree. the problem, chris, is we haven't had long-term thinkers in congress for a long time, and if you really look at it, the last 30 years we've lived off the next 30. i think the question is any combination that gets us out of the problem and onto a road of recovery in our economy and recovery of the future for our kids is a good combination. but the point ha
, of course. >>> this morning we spoke with our washington senior editor rick klein. >> we asked if a new era of bipartisanship can actually now begin. >> reporter: the voters did not give president obama a mandate, but what he can do now is create that mandate. i think if he begins to governor like the promise of barack obama back in 2008, back in 2004 at the beginning of the democratic convention, if he begins to bring that piece of america today, this is a broad coalition. yes, it's a divided country but this is a new america speaking out in a pretty loud voice saying this is the leadership we wanted, and what they're craving right now is a leadership moment, and that's when the president has an opportunity. >> the headline tonight is about the president and how well he did and how it defied all expectations in pundits. no one expected the electoral gap to be as wide as it was. how did he pull it off? >> it's the perfect combination of demographics and tactics. on the demographic side he took advantage of the surge of young voters and minority voters. he was able to bring home hispanics in
>> jahir kleine rompe el sliencio, el que entrenó a los paramilitares en colombia,bia nos recibe >> ¿como se sintio en la comisión de justicia y paz? >> me puse contento, es primera vez que el gobierno de colombia intenta averiguar, publicaron un libro en que me llamaban el dibloera el culpable. >> parece mentira que fue un mercenario que entren'por gente que asesino campesinos y candidatos presidenciales >> si no concoe al ex presidente alvaro uribe, pero si financió sus actividades >> no me pagó a mi, no lo vi en mi vida, el le pago a la organización y ellos me pagaron a mi, el jefe me dijo que 3 personas habían pagado, entre ellos el senador, nadie tenía interés de escuchar la verdar, empezando por uribe, el sabia que yo había estado ahí y porque, estuve 3 meses 3 semanas ¿por qué el calló? >> yo no he tenido en la vida mentalidad criminal para financiar eso >> el ex presidente uribe dice que usted es un bandido, un cobarde y hace sus afirmaciones a distancia ¿que le responde? >> el mentiroso y bandido , en las familias de alas ficitmas >> yo pedi perdón porque no pensé
. matthew dowd, joe klein, ruth marcus, david sanger of "the new york times" and peggy noonan of "the wall street journal." >>> then ben affleck. >> you saw your parents killed? >> with war breaking out in congo, he's here live on what can be done to stop the fighting. >>> and -- >> i'm jonathan karl, i'm going to show you how this clipper will bring bipartisanship to washington. >>> hello, again. you just saw one small step for bipartisanship, is there more to come in washington? congress is back to work this week. top priority, a deal to block those automatic spending cuts and tax increases now set for january 1st, and some smart money is starting to bet that the president and congress will find a way to avoid that fiscal cliff. stocks up this week in anticipation of a deal with the dow clocking five straight of gains. and black friday consumer spending was down as well. now let's bring in t number one senator dick durbin and top republican lindsey graham. senator, welcome in. senator, let me begin with you. you see those markets going up in anticipation of a deal, are they right to be o
average. we guaranteed you 50 degrees. our weather winner goas klein. congrats. we'll talk about will you need the umbrella at all. that's coming up. >>> breaking news, all north lanes of 94 are shut down past 85 near havre de grace. there's a two-car crash and emergency workers are on the scene. we're told there are no injuries but state police said one of the vehicles is a penske truck whose tank has ruptured. >>> well, hostess brands is shutting down for good. striking bakers refuse to return to work. >> we have ding dongs, ho ho, snowballs and twinkies. tonight we have a look back at this iconic brand. >> reporter: following a nasty labor dispute and almost a year in bankruptcy, hostess brand is closing it's bakeries, distribution centers and selling off the assets. >> it's twinkie the kid -- wow! >> reporter: the twinkie was born in 1933 in illinois. he came up with a yellow sponge cake filled with banana cream. during world war ii ban nanna rationing forced them to change to va nil l.a. it was so popular, it never came back. over the years the twinkie became part of the culture. the
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. >> as always. earlier this morning, we spoke with our washington editor, rick klein. >> and we asked him if a new era of bipartisanship can actually now begin. >> the voters did not give president obama a mandate. but he can do now is create that mandate. i think if he begins to govern like he's the promise of barack obama, back in 2008, back in 2004, at the democratic convention, if he continues to bring that piece of america together, this was a broad coalition that voted today. yes, it's a divided country. but this is a new america that was speaking out, in a pretty loud voice, saying this is the leadership they wanted. and what they're craving right now is a leadership moment. and that's where the president has an opportunity. >> you did here talk about that bipartisanship. the headline tonight is about the president and how well he did and how it defied all expectations of pundits. no one expected the electoral gap to be as wide as it was. how did he pull it off? >> the perfect combination of demographics and tactics. on the demographics side, he took advantage of this surge in youn
francisco started by our founder, ronald klein, my co-executive director who is here with us as well, we're thrilled to be at this moment where we're able to bring a venue, a home for jazz, a freestanding institution of education, of food, of community, of jazz, music to san francisco, so we're thrilled to be at this moment. for the past 30 years as many of you will know, we have presented the san francisco jazz festival here in the city, we have believed in a philosophy of the combination of high quality art as well as rational business, so believing that a sound business model is important to our success and because of all of that, that history of activity, i believe we're at this place where we're able to successfully be a few weeks away from opening this sf jazz center on franklin and fell streets, we have put a lot of thought over many years of what we feel is a new form of cultural institution, so of course our site is located at the edge of the performing arts district so it brings jazz alongside the symphony hall, the ballet, the opera but it connects into a thriving neighborhood
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subir la matriculacion en el 2013 y 2014 a esto la universidad respondio... diane klein/vocera de la universidad de california 1:24 no tenemos planes ahorita pero no le puedo decir que efectivamente no va a haber aumentos, estamos considerando todo, pero es la cosa que queremos evitar a toda costo volviendo al city college de san francisco, alli critican la propuesta de consolidar varios de los departamentos que estudian la diversidad, como los de estudios latinos, afromaericanos, y de mujeres. julio hernandez/estudiante s del city college de san francisco 1:48 en el city college de san francisco habemos estudiantes de diferentes partes del mundo que por medio de estudiar la cultura de nosotros,nosotros nos podemos mantener al tanto y a nuestros hijos tambien de donde venimos ellos dicen que a pesar de que la institucion esta en riesgo de declararse en bancarrota, con la aprobacion de la proposicion 30 y de la a, el panorama ha cambiado con estas nuevas leyes existen nuevos fondos para city college van a haber recursos para financiar estos departamentos y ahora esta nueva logica dice
for this week's heisman watch presented by nissan. atop of that heisman watch and klein and k-state being tested tonight. >> joel: they'll have to come back on the baylor bears. kenyon barner is certainly in that race and johnny manziel, this guy, what they did last week in tuscaloosa, putting himself in that race. marquis lee, wouldn't be surprised to see him in new york. >> craig: austin makes the cut at midfield, makes another at the 40, cuts it back. a flag. they will bring this one back. there's a flag back at the 22. >> joel: the only thing that's going to stop tavon austin tonight. long conference for just a flag that you would assume is in the area of a holding call. >> craig: i think there's actually -- there were two flags down. there's one up by where he went out of bounds as well. one back at the line of scrimmage. >> referee: personal foul, hands to the face, number 2, defense. that penalty will be 15 yards from the end of the run. sideline interference, unsportsmanlike conduct on the oklahoma bench. penalty will be enforced half the distance to the goal, first down. >> joel: number
in athens. texas a&m's johnny manziel maybe now the heisman front runner and collin klein and kansas state goes down. manziel and aggies shut out fcs member sam hewitten member. fourth game this season for manziel with at least e touchdown passes and at least two rushing touchdowns. aggies roll. ucla snapping a five-game losing streak to usc dpa in l.a. jonathan franklin, 29-yard touchdown. bruins go on to win 38-28. afterwards trojan a.d. pat hayden saying lane kiffin will definitely be back as head coach. we'll be back next week. see you then. alright, if you're thinkin about gettin' a new truck, you're probably thinkin' torque to go with it... wele 'cuz unless you'r usin' your truck to deliver pizza's ... you ain't gettin' anything done without it. torque is power. it pulls trailers. hauls dirt. drags boulders. torque is what gets the cap off your beer. and only the ford f-150 with ecoboost has the best combination of torque and fuel economy. think about that. introducing the new 2013 f-150. makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going an
and out" maybe kevin klein is crushed to death? something like that? >> (laughs) >> stephen: bert and ernie, that's a straight situation, right? (laughter) totally straight? because i hear things. are you ever tempted to use your character's voices to get out of bad situations? >> like what situations? >> stephen: jump into yoda when you're pulled over and say (as yoda) "not speeding, was i, officer?" (laughter) >> no. >> stephen: you're missing out on a great opportunity. >> (laughs) >> stephen: what's it like living your life? i know they're not voices, they're characters, but what is it like being famous for a character who isn't you? who gets to say and do things you don't get to do? (laughter) i'm asking for a friend. (laughter) is that fun? did you enjoy that? >> (laughs) frank, thank you so much for joining me. frank oz. "little shop of horrors" we'll be right back. (cheers and applause)
klein joins us thii morninn for makeover monday.- how can we wear purple out for the eveninn?-can we mii and match different shades of purple?- whattare your models wearing? wearing? -3 tt learn more ways to show your pprple rrde log on o fox bbltimore dot com slashh morring. cominggup... r-and-b singer under on election day.what that 3 p3what thaa is... next.onn electionnday.sooething e did under fire... for an r-and-- on election day.what ttat nder - you're watching fox 45 gooo day baltimore. ((break 4)) 3 ((breaa 4)) &pbaltimore. x 45 good day ((break 4)) monday, november 12th 3 3 map joel map 3 3 we are following breaking news put of mt. vernon... whhre crews are oo the scene of a watermain break. on madison street and fallsway. joel d. smith... who is live - joel. 3 the man behind ooe of the most beloved childden's characters &pon nder investigation this morningg. for allegedly having sex witt an underrge boo. boy.representttivee for "sesame street" say the puppeteer behind elmo.. kevin clash... is being accused of havinn an inappropraite relatioo
? the party? and klein and brad blackmun joined us to talk about the future of the gop. ♪ says ♪ [ male announcer ] how could a luminous protein in jellyfish, impact life expectancy inhe u.s., real estate in hong kong, and the optics industry in germany? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one ason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their -year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. ♪ >> i ran for office because i am concerned about america. this election is over, but our principles endorsed. i believe that the principles upon which this nation were founded on the only short guide to a resurgent economy into renewed greatness. lou: coming up short in his bid for the presidency dollars in the majority of the swing states. joining me now to talk about some of the reasons behind that, the shifting demographics, republican thinking in strategy, we are joined by former deputy assi
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